What Are Long Tail Keywords? Share

Simple Long-Tail Keyword Generator

Tired of manually creating huge lists of keywords for your PPC campaigns? Do you still miss lots of potentially valuable keyword permutations? If so, our simple long-tail keyword generator is for. Just follow the instructions and you'll get a list of keywords to easily add to your campaigns.

What are the primary keywords that you want to work with? For example, if you're selling "blue widgets" then you'll want to enter "widgets" and other similar words in the box below.

Step 1

Primary Keywords

Step 2

Now we'll start building some variations on the primary keywords. If you have multiple variations for your product, such as different colors and sizes then put them here. We'll concatenate all of the keywords in this list, so don't worry about adding things like "large blue", just enter "large" and "blue" and we'll take it from there.

Descriptive Keywords

Next up are any other keywords that you want to use. We refer to these as "modifiers". Some examples.... if you're selling a product then you should consider words like "buy", "for sale", "price", etc. Leave this blank if you don't want to use modifiers.

Step 3

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Modifier Keywords